Is it time to break free of your corporate job and remember what it’s like to feel alive again?  Is it time for an adventure?  Do you want to see the world instead of the inside of a cubicle every weekday?  Do you want to wake up every day when you decide and have control over what you choose to do every minute?

It sure as hell was my time.

It sure as hell was my time.


Is it your time for a sabbatical?







Is it time to recharge with the sound of the ocean and the warmth of the sun on your face?  …to meet new people and sights and tastes each day?  I’m proof it’s possible.

Real Kobe Beef in Tokyo -- You have to go to Japan to get it for sure!

Real Kobe Beef in Tokyo — You have to go to Japan to get it for sure!


Have you toyed with the idea in the past but you’re stopped by not knowing where to begin?  Do you long to talk with other people about your ideas and plans but can’t?  Are you afraid your co-workers will spill the beans if you tell anyone and it will make your office life more uncomfortable before you make the leap?  Do you fear telling your friends and family because they will think you’re silly or try to dissuade you?

Do you know the best ways to prepare your finances and belongings while you’re still employed?  Do you know how to take best advantage of your current financial standing and good credit now to give you sturdy legs on which to trek the world tomorrow?  Do you know the best time of year to quit your job so that avoiding the huge Obamacare tax penalty is less of a hassle?  Do you know how to save thousands of dollars in accommodations and airfare worldwide by using the unconventional hacks known to backpackers?  …how to rent a car for 4 weeks as an American in Europe for under $65 US total including taxes and fees?

Rented Cars in Europe for Cheaper than in the US!

Renting Cars in Europe for Cheaper than in the US!

…how to stay at a castle on an Italian vineyard or a beach estate on a tropical, southeast Asian island or a fairy tail cottage in the mountains of Ireland for free?


Fairy tale forest in the backyard of my FREE pad in Ireland!









Sailing in Thailand for 16 Euro/day! Photo Credit: uzanne Van Der Veeken,

Sailing in Thailand for 16 Euro/day! Photo Credit: Suzanne Van Der Veeken,


Do you know how to experience cruising on a luxury yacht to exotic destinations for a total cost-of-living of 16 Euro per day?



I do because I either did them all in the last 5 months or met people who have!

I’ve learned how to do all these things and I learned them in the most difficult way possible!  5 months ago, I could barely cover my expenses as an engineer living in Chicago.  I couldn’t afford to buy or keep a car in the city and I put up with a 3-hour per day total commute in sweltering heat and sub-zero temperatures on buses and trains to make ends meet.  One of my biggest goals at the start of last year was to hack away at my student loans with every extra dollar I could spare so that one day I could be free.

It turned out “one day” wasn’t soon enough, and then one day became right now, right today.  I realized that none of the higher paying jobs I was interviewing for at Apple and Amazon and other companies would come through with an offer any time soon, and my job at the time was going nowhere.  Each day, I was demoralized and suffered little insults and big ones at the office.  Each day, I came home exhausted from a 12-hour day and barely had the energy to cook myself dinner.

My mind was exhausted and somehow terribly bored at the same time.  My potential and talents and vibrancy weren’t being utilized at my workplace no matter how hard I tried to interject them.  At the same time, I longed to travel and captain my own ship for a while.  I had so much potential and I knew if I could take control of my own destiny hour-by-hour I could make so much better use of my time.  I could do and see and learn amazing things and form life-changing connections and ideas.  I needed to give myself the opportunity to try.  When I realized this, my definition of failure completely changed.  I went from worrying about paying off my student loans and running out of money to simply worrying about not trying to take a leap away from the hell I was in.  I worried about continuing to live without feeling alive.  The definition of failure turned into “not giving myself the chance to try”.  Even if I fell flat on my face and ended up broke and unemployed for months afterward, it would still be a success if I took the chance and made a break for it.

When this realization came about, it was only a couple months before my lease on my sublet apartment was up.  I knew I couldn’t afford to live on my own anymore, and I couldn’t deal anymore with living like a student — finding roommates on Craigslist who share costs but drive me absolutely bat shit insane.  The end of my lease needed to be the end of my chapter as a broke engineer chained to a cubicle.  With this very limited time, and with only a couple friends to ask advice of who’d already begun a sabbatical, I scrambled to form a plan.

It was the most hectic time I think I’ve ever experienced.  I tried to figure out the best and cheapest ways to create a brand new life from the ground up in just weeks.  I researched during every spare moment I could find.  Most of my contacts were other corporate zombies like me, who never backpacked, rarely traveled, and didn’t know any unconventional tricks for life and travel on an extreme budget.  I didn’t have all the answers at the beginning, but as I traveled, I met more and more travelers.  Each one passed to me a new website or trick or organization or idea in the nick of time.  It would have been so much easier to make my escape if I knew in the beginning what I know now!

Now, I want to share these gems with you and work side-by-side with you to craft your own escape plan.  I know the misery you’re feeling and what it’s like to daydream.  I also know how mind-blowing it feels to live that dream after doubting for so long that I could truly ever be here!  Quitting my job and stepping out into several months’ worth of adventure has been the most freeing feeling.  I feel so happy and liberated and thankful every day.  I want you to experience this too if you’ve decided your time is coming soon!  Pick a date.  Mark it on your calendar.  Exactly what day will be your “someday”?

I'm So Stinkin' Happy Out Here!  Join Me!

I’m So Stinkin’ Happy Out Here! Join Me!

Not a cubicle!

Not a cubicle!

Really happy!

Really happy!


With Pandas!

With Pandas!

...and....Midget Boxing!

…and….Midget Boxing!


Welcome to your complete guide to going from no plan to a structured, step-by-step path to embark on your own unique journey.  If you’re a professional with some meager savings, it should be possible to take off on your adventure within 6 months or less.  Learn from the mistakes I had to solve the hard way.  Learn from not just me, but also from knowledge of the network of travelers I’ve met out here!  It is possible for you.  No matter if you have an apartment lease, a mortgage, high monthly student loan payments, or an employer that won’t “let” you, you can break free and live on your own terms exploring the world.  And you don’t have to do it alone; we can figure your way out together.

The 6 Months to Sabbatical Workshop gives you:

  1. 5 live conference calls with me on each lesson (value: $500)
  2. 5 written lessons consolidating all the steps and resources you can use to save thousands of dollars (seriously, for real, $1,000’s) (value: $149 or…the $1,000’s you can save)
  3. Sabbatical Costs Calculator (value $49)
  4. Direct access to me for specific questions (value $150/hr.)

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The last date to sign up for the course will be February 23rd at midnight, Eastern Time.  I don’t know when I will offer this workshop again, and if I do, the price will likely be raised again, and I may not offer live calls or direct access to me.  If you’re interested, be sure to act now and sign-up!

Course slated to begin by February 25th, 2016!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

By the way, this workshop comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.  If within 30 days from the 5th live workshop call you’re not satisfied you’ve learned how to save thousands of US money dollars on your sabbatical, contact me for a full refund.  No hoops to go through.  I’m confident this is the best, most consolidated, up-to-date information on crafting your sabbatical saving you thousands of dollars and headaches — and it’s delivered in the most personal way available.  I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase!

*P.S., I totally ripped off that “someday is today” idea from my friend, Brian Witt, who inspired me to make the leap into the unknown when he did it first.  You can read about his adventures here: